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Freya Ridings - Live At Omeara LP
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Hailing from London, 24-year-old singer-songwriter Freya Ridings self-released her single ‘Lost Without You’ last fall, a pop ballad about an intense, regretful moment that changed her life. Following a recent play on ITV2’s ‘Love Island’, Freya is now seeing a swell of international support from radio, retailers, and fans. Contending with being incredibly shy and feeling isolated at school, Freya found her extraordinary, vibrato-rich, pin-drop voice at 11 years old when she performed at an open-mic night. Freya explains, “To this day, I still can’t believe I got up there. The whole room went crazy. And that was the moment where I thought: ‘Maybe I can take this thing that’s my own private thing, that I’ve done on my own, and actually share it with other people.” Whether it is live, sitting at the piano, or strumming her guitar, Freya has distilled a short lifetime of uncertainty, and transformed it into songs of alchemical incandescence, magicked into greatness by one of the most powerful voices in a generation. Track Listing – 1. Love Is Fire (Live at Omeara) 2. Signals (Live at Omeara) 3. You Mean the World to Me (Live at Omeara) 4. Work Song (Live at Omeara) 5. Blackout (Live at Omeara) 6. Castles (Live at Omeara) 7. Wishbone (Live at Omeara) 8. Maps (Live at Omeara) 9. Ultraviolet (Live at Omeara) 10. Unconditional (Live at Omeara) 11. Lost Without You (Live at Omeara

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